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Cleveland Indians Tickets

Progressive Field Cleveland Indians Tickets

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The Cleveland Indians came so near World Series glory in 2016. After dropping a thrilling seven game series against the Chicago Cubs, the Indians will probably be hungry to return. Locate Cleveland Indians tickets now and cheer your team on throughout the upcoming season.

The Cleveland Indians are among the charter franchises of their American League as well as pre-date the league itself. The Indians are one of the four charter American League clubs which stay in precisely the exact same town where they were set up, together with Chicago, Boston and Detroit. Over the longer than century-long presence of the group, the franchise has had several ups and downs, but has persevered each time and continue to try for their first World Series title since 1948.

The group plays at the Central Division of the American League. Considering joining the Central Division in 1994, the Indians are possibly the most prosperous group in the branch. By 1994 to 2008, the Indians maintained the Central Division title seven days and have progressed into the MLB World Series twice. For 455 straight matches, Cleveland Indians tickets offered for home matches, a record that stood before the Boston Red Sox broke it in 2008. In honor of this ticket sell-out series, the Indians retired the number 455 in 2001.

Following several rebuilding MLB seasons, the Cleveland Indians are seeking to come back to their winning ways. Before the 2013 season, the Indians hired two World Series winner manager Terry Francona to handle the ballclub. He'll attempt to turn the group around and reunite "The Tribe" back into the postseason.

In 2016, Fracona did precisely what the Indians hired him to perform. Locate Cleveland Indians tickets now to find out if the Indians can get home the title in 2018.


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